Clean and Green

Clean and Green

Clean and Green, That's the Key - Ensuring that your ride is clean and optimized, is the key to performance, efficiency and maintenance. This is true whether your ride is a tricked out Subaru, or the latest road or mountain bike.  It's about reducing your environmental impact and having a blast doing it! With this in mind, Busam Subaru and Reser Bicycle Outfitters and excited to get both your rides up to par for summer.  For a limited time, bring your 4-wheeled ride into Busam Subaru's service department and we will  get it all up to snuff and send you on your way with a Reser Bicycle Outfitters t-shirt.  That t-shirt, and your Busam Service receipt are the key to a 10% discount on services to get your 2-wheeled ride rockin' and rollin', too!

Reser Bicycle Outfitters is located at 648 Monmouth Street in Newport, Kentucky just minutes from Downtown Cincinnati.  They provide full bicycle service, sales, and accessories for everything that has 2 wheels and is self-propelled. They are driven to get people rollin' and to make Greater Cincinnati a great biking community.  For this reason, Busam Subaru is proud to partner with them and assist them in their goals. Anyway, these t-shirts are awesome. Come by the Service Department and check them out; they are packaged like small bike wheels! "



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