Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care Tips

Before Winter arrives, take a few minutes out of your day to check our your Subaru. Winterizing your vehicle will help prolong it's life, and help keep you safe during snow emergencies. Here's our list of eight important things to take care of before Winter arrives. Here is a list of 8 important things to take care of:

    Consider Using Snow Tires
    Check the Tire Pressure on Each Tire
    Change the Engine Oil and Adjust the Viscosity Grade
    Inspect All Belts and Hoses
    Inspect Wipers and Wiper Fluid Level
    Check the Battery
    Check the Antifreeze Mixture
    Carry an Emergency Roadside Kit (see below for things to include in kit)

    First-Aid Kit
    Jumper Cables
    Paper Towels
    Extra Water
    Extra Washer Fluid
    Set of Warm Clothes

A Few More Points to Ponder:

Coolant, commonly called antifreeze, absorbs heat from the engine and dissipates it through the radiator and heater core. The most common reasons for coolant servicing are to keep the engine from overheating year round, and to prevent freezing in the winter.  Also, as coolant breaks down so do its rust inhibitors.  This leaves coolant passages in the radiator and engine vulnerable to corrosion, which may cause passages to clog, leading to overheating and possible engine damage.
Remember that antifreeze can be lethal if ingested. Its sweet smell is tempting to animals. Like all hazardous materials it needs to be stored and disposed of properly. For Additional Questions please don't hesitate to contact us!
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