The 2013 Subaru Legacy At Our Cincinnati Subaru Dealership

The 2013 Subaru Legacy At Our Cincinnati Subaru Dealership


A model that chooses a name like the Subaru "Legacy" must display performance based on a history of engineering excellence. Not to mention it should have features on the interior and exterior which keep customers falling in love. However, Subaru seems to have hit this mark in 2013. In addition, they have done it without breaking the bank. The new Subaru Legacy made the ranks of the most Affordable Mid-sized Car of the Year, according to U.S. News. Yet this ranking does not take price alone into consideration. Although a base price of roughly $20,300 is great, ranking also included data related to safety and reliability. 

All-wheel drive is a big selling point for the Subaru Legacy. This feature contributes to excellent handling that makes this car such a pleasure to drive. Plus you also have a considerable amount of freedom when purchasing a new Subaru. Legacys come with either a 6-cylinder or 4-cylinder engine, and the choice is yours. Both can also be equipped with a manual or continuously-variable automatic transmission. Not to mention there's also another change to the Legacy when it comes to the handling aspect of things. The suspension has also been upgraded, and the power train has undergone a slight overhaul to increase its performance. 


Comfort on the road is made possible with the driver-assist safety system that comes standard on all vehicles. Combined with excellent safety ratings, there is certainly piece of mind that comes as part of the deal. The comfort on the road also translates into comfort on the interior. The Legacy provides plenty of room for passengers and for storage. The spaciousness of the interior is further enhanced by faux metal surfaces and smooth lines that wrap around the design. Plus Subaru also felt it was necessary to revise the feel of steering for this model. The result is a vehicle that feels more solid than its predecessors. The acceleration has not made any considerable advances, however. The pedal offers incredible performance for a vehicle of this class. However with all that power the nose levels in the cabin are still considerably quiet and enjoyable on the ears.


Bluetooth and multiple headphone jacks combine with the USB port to form considerable possibilities for entertainment on the go. Climate control operates in dual zone modes, and navigation systems include a rear-view camera, adding to the safety scores of the Legacy. The optional upgrade to a nine-speaker audio system that works with HD radio allows for making entertainment a priority. Innovation seems to have been the name of the game for Subaru. This vehicle features many intelligent systems that are rare for its mid-sized competitors. The cruise control is adaptive when it is engaged. Lane departure warnings keep drivers alert while the car does its own part to protect its passengers. Pre-collision braking reduces the speed of the car when it detects the possibility of any collision. The system only engages at under 19 MPH. However, every precaution is beneficial when it comes to safety for you and your family. This new Subaru also pleases buyers by offering up an average of 32 MPG on the highway and 25 MPG in the city.


All in all, there's many aspects of this car make it a Cincinnati legend among its own kind. Visiting our local dealership will allow you to further explore ideas driving a Subaru into the future.

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