The Busam Subaru Love Spring Sales Event In Cincinnati

The Busam Subaru Love Spring Sales Event In Cincinnati


It's the month of March, and we're proud to announce our new Subaru Love Spring sales event at Busam Subaru here in Cincinnati. Yet some might ask why the Love Spring Sales Event? Well consider it a friendly reminder of just how versatile Subarus are in every Season. No matter what the weather, you'll find comfort and safety year round, for all 12 months of the year. Not to mention spring is best time for those early picnics, and for when you pull out the gardening gloves to do some yard work! And with Subaru's love for massive trunk space and cargo areas you won't have any problems carrying around a lot of yard supplies. Plus whichever path you decide to take on your picnic you'll have no problem getting there!

But perhaps the most important feature of the Subaru Love Spring Sales Event is the fact that Subaru's manufacturing plants are as green as spring itself! You'll find Subarus that are made in a zero-landfill plant, so not only do you have a company that's ego friendly but also one that's responsible. And today it's hard to find car companies that are actively committed to making the plant a better place. However yet again it doesn't stop there! With top of the line fuel efficiency in all models from the Forester to Impreza, and more, you'll help keep spring beautiful. Plus aside from the green benefits, it will also help save your pocketbook money, which is something we can all be happy about!

So stop on in, we're located in Cincinnati, Ohio and will be running this event until the last day of March. You'll find some fantastic incentives and dealership specials, plus a dealership that cares about all about you! Just click around on our website and find what suits you best, or have one of our tour guides (salespeople) lend you a hand! Because getting the best deal and the best customer service, is really just that easy!


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