Busam Subaru HistoryThe History Of Busam Automotive

It all began in 1909 when Henry Ford's vehicle began to break down while traveling through Cincinnati, OH. Henry Ford asked around Cincinnati as to who could fix his Ford, and was immediately directed to Joe Busam's blacksmith shop. Joe Sr agreed to complete the repairs on the vehicle, and performed a job so well that Henry Ford personally asked Joe to open a service facility. Within three years Joe Busam began selling Fords and became the first Cincinnati Ford dealership. Joe Sr. operated the initial Busam Ford dealership throughout the 20's, 30's and into the early 40's until he passed away in 1946.

Representing the second generation, Joe Jr. took over the family business after returning form World War II. Joe Jr. began taking on new challenges and began selling multiple franchises throughout his tenure as dealership principal. It was an interesting mix of manufactures, many of which have come and gone including: Tucker, Packard, Rambler, Studebaker, Peugeot, Maserati, Yugo, Alfa Romeo, and Datsun (Which was later renamed Nissan). What began as a service center has now developed into three franchises including Nissan, Subaru and Suzuki with two locations in Cincinnati. In 1993 Joe Jr. passed away leaving the dealership to the third generation John and Charlie. 

Together they operate a forty-year old tradition and represent the oldest Nissan dealership in Cincinnati. The Busam family has continued to expand into new brands and opportunities as their father did before them. The family now continues with Joe Jr., son of Charlie, who took membership into the family tradition at an early age. Starting at the bottom and working upwards in positions, Joe currently assists in management of all three brands.

After one hundred years of service Busam is still a family owned and operated business and strives to present the same unparalleled customer service that it did nearly a century ago. We have stood the test of time thanks to a dedicated emphasis on the importance of family values, honesty and building positive relationships within our community.