Busam Subaru HistoryWhat Is Subaru Symmetrical AWD?

One of the best things that makes Subaru unique is the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive that comes standard on all Subaru models except for the new 2013 BRZ. Symmetrical AWD is without a doubt the best system available and blows the competitors out of the water. After we examine how the other guys do it you will wonder why anybody would settle for these inferior designs. Most competitors take an existing rear-wheel or front-wheel drive design and then slap on some more parts. Any time you add a part you create another point of failure and this leads to additional cost to you, the customer. These systems bring more problems too. These other systems tend to not "kick in" until after you lose grip and will help you out of a sticky situation but Symmetrical AWD keeps things stable and under control at all times. This helps you stay safe and feel confident during times where the road condition might be less than optimal.

When you take an existing RWD or FWD system and add parts to make it behave like AWD you still get a lot of the problems that exist with the base drive system. This means that with a FWD based system you will often experience torque steer where the steering wheel jerks to the side and the vehicles pulls sideways along with under  steer on turns. The RWD system is a little better but is still prone to over steer which is an out of control situation where the vehicle goes into a spin while turning.

The worst part about these systems is that after you lose grip on one wheel all the power gets sent to that one wheel. This means that you have no power going to the road and you probably wont be moving anywhere. With Subaru Symmetrical AWD power is transmitted to all 4 wheels all the time so even with 3 wheels on ice you can still move the vehicle even up hill!

Subaru's are built from the ground up and this is what really sets us apart from the other guys who just add parts like its just an after thought. We build our Subaru's around the drive train and this lends itself to creating a better product designed to help keep you safe and have fun.